The holiday weekend is over...sigh...

It was a great one too.

On Saturday we went to the zoo with my Mother and Sister. It was a nice cool day and the animals were out and active. Mom and Shmoo had not yet seen the new Polar Bear exhibit so we headed there first but we actually hit the whole zoo. No wonder we all wanted a nap afterward. lol. Mom got some great pics of Seth and I, which is awesome because we have no couple pictures. Here is the zoo photo wrap up.

Aren't we super cute!! 

On Monday we went to the Ohio Renaissance Festival. We met our super awesome friends Jean, Pete and Sarah there. We caught several shows including the Naughty Navels belly dance with the amazing Laylia. ( I am actually considering changing to her classes. ) Then we had a wench meet up, and though we are not sanctioned for the Ohio faire we all walked about together giving out kisses and hugs of the Hershey variety. Some of the shows got a little bawdy yesterday. The quote of the day " To all the kisses I've snatched and vice versa". Naughty!! Here are some photos of the day. 

We have made a couple of decisions regarding The Wedding (ominous music here). We decided on October of 2012, no exact date yet. We have decided not to have a "theme" wedding, so: no ren faire, no halloween, no masquerade ball, all themes we considered. I am looking at a mix of shabby chic, gypsy style and bohemian. Which all lend to each other really well. The colors will be the gypsy and bohemian colors, fall colors, so rust, chocolate brown, gold and other opulent jewel tones. I want a lot of brocade and velvet!! 
On the 25th my mother and I are going to the Country Living Fair to look for fun fall ideas and awesome antiques for the wedding and just for me. I'm really excited about it. It's at the Ohio Village at the Ohio Historical Society here in Columbus. There will be hundreds of booths, plus demonstrations. It's gonna be awesome. 


I love the bats picture! they are so darn cute- and yes you two lovebirds are as well.

I love orange. I used to not like it- but I do now, and fall weddings are wonderful.

I need to find some sassy chicks like you guys to hang out with!
The Blue Faerie said…
Wow! Is that a rooster third photo from the top? It's beautiful!
AlphaBetsy said…
It's actually an Asian Pheasant. Isn't he gorgeous. There was also a blue one, but he did not want to pose for a picture like his friend.

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