After the first week in January...

I haven't made much progress on my list yet. It is snowing so there is the possibility of sledding sometime soon. I am also going to be finishing up a craft swap (three tiny movie things) and starting another (tim burton) and possibly signing up for another (alice in craftster-land). Too many good swaps right at the beginning of the year. I will take some pictures of the progress. I have read/listened to two more books. I have decided on a hairstyle, but haven't gotten it done yet. Soon... I promise. I tried to stay on my diet through the holidays and ended up breaking even, but now I want to start losing again. I am pretty damn close to having lost 50 pounds, which will mean I am halfway to my goal. And therefore halfway to having my pin up photo spread. By the end of the year I think I will have hit that final goal. Not bad for the first of the year.

More later.


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