15 days of thankfulness - Day 9

November 18 - Day 9 - 3 upcoming events that you are looking forward to and are thankful for.

I am looking forward to going to see Shrek: The Musical when it comes to town in January. I love, love, love musicals and at one point was planning to be a musical theatre/opera major, so any chance to go see a show makes me happy. And if you haven't heard the music from this musical check it out. It is going to be soooo cute.

I am looking forward to having a huge party for my little sister because she will be 21 this year. We are going to take her out on the town and treat her to an amazing birthday. I am going to have so much fun putting it together with my mom.

And finally, last but obviously not least, I am getting MARRIED in October. I am marrying the greatest man I know. He is amazing, and I feel so completely blessed to be his wife. For more info on this see my Tying-the-knot Tuesday posts.


Toriz said…
Awesome! :)

Musicals are fantastic; so few people appreciate them!

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