What I did for the 4th of July

I am so crazy right now with classes that I can not think. Argh. But on the 4th I got a day off from work and class, so I went to the 29th annual Doo Dah Parade here in Columbus. The parade is usually fairly left wing, and very fun and free spirited. Here are some of the sights.


Toriz said…
Glad you had a day off for fun! :)
LuLu Kellogg said…
OK, this looks like MY kind of fun!!

SOOOOOO glad to see you popped by my Blog!!!

Hope your wedding plans are going swimmingly!

Jerra said…

That parade looks brilliant! I would love to dress as a darlek for the day an dparade around town, although my sticks might get in the way! :)

Jerra xx

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