My Wedding!!

Here are some pictures from my wedding. I haven't gotten the pictures from my photographer, but these are some my mother, and friends got. Not too many from the actual ceremony, but you get the idea.

It was a beautiful day. The ceremony went amazing. My mother rocked as our officiant and Seth and I's vows were personal, and funny, and touching. Altogether it was a truly amazing event. I feel so completely blessed.

Card box!!

The windows from the venue.

My mom.

My mom-in-law.

Favor bags.

Decorations for ceremony space. 

The ceremony space.

Decorating for the Ceremony

Spindles with chain mail flowers. 

The gorgeous table numbers

The gift table.

More gift table. 

Close up of the awesome table numbers. Seth's dad made them. 

Personalized m&ms.

Branches with fairy lights on either side of the stage. 

Cake table decoration made by Cliff, it's Seth and I in our wedding garb slaying zombies. It lights up. 

My sister, me, mom officiating, Seth, and Chris during the ceremony. 

Gift table with gifts. 

The bridal party table. 

Me doing shots of jaeger with friends. 

The kids playing in the dress up box for the photo booth. 

Seth and I cupcaking in front of our awesome cupcake display. 

Our first dance to Calling You by Blue October

Dancing with my Dad to Imagine by John Lennon

Seth and his mom dancing to A Mother's Song by T. Carter

The line for the photo booth gets crazy. 

Dancing with my step brother Jordan. 

Jordan is a crazy good dancer. 

My coworkers hubby Bob swing dancing with me. 

Seth's parents dancing.

My friend Amy's baby is obsessed with my hat. 

Chris, the best man. 

Us, cheesing it up for the camera. 

Pretty collage by our friend Rick 

It was truly an amazing day and we had such a wonderful time. I am now officially Mrs. Betsy White. It has happened. More photos will follow as soon as we get them. :)


Rachel said…

Your wedding looks fab, I love your table decorations. :-)
AndrĂ©ann said…
Everything looks so amazing. It's so personnalized and it's definitely you!

Congratulation to you both!
Danni said…
Congratulations!!! Everything looks so amazing and so totally you!

Are those dice I spy in the bowls with the table numbers?? *nerdy squee*
Queenie Believe said…
Congratulations!!! Your dream day come true!!! You and Seth positively glow in the photos. Your wedding finery was totally awesome; the venue and all the wonderful decorations simply perfect. Here's to the very best to come in your new married life together!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie
AlphaBetsy said…
Thanks all. Danni you do see dice, since gaming was so much a part of Seth and I getting together we gave them as favors and had them in the centerpieces. :)
Faye Dewell said…
Congrats lady. All the little details are amazing! Awed by all your hard work. Now sit back and relax! (that was my fav part)!
Celia said…
Congratulations!!! Your wedding looks fantastic.....completely magical!!
DogsMom said…
Congratulations! It does look like a magical day.

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