Magical Monday - Almost December

Magical Monday

3 Card Spread -  Mind, Body, Spirit 

Mind: 5 The Ancestor: You have made the leap and started a new cycle. Your instinctive spirit has felt it necessary to lead you to the gateway and a new path. You may have been reluctant or concerned at first, but whether you realize it or not a shift has occurred. You may feel wary of unknown denizens that await you in the forest, but the ancient Ancestor within you will guide and reassure you as you relearn and greet new experiences on the path. Trust your inner voice. Listen to your own instinctive and inquisitive nature. Your own inner Ancestor is strong, patient and wise. Let them lead you into the forest with new eyes and a joyful heart.

Body : Queen of Arrows - Swan: A state  of separation may exist, bringing with it sorrow privation and misfortune. You may need to break old bonds and find new rivers in which to swim if you are to move beyond this place of darkness and loss. 

Spirit: Four of Vessels - Boredom: The universe responds favourably to a decisive, forward momentum, while boredom leaves a person in a state of inaction. There are many reasons for feeling disenchanted or trapped in life. The causes of malaise and the feeling of being weathered by routine or beaten down by conflict are common, but in the end it is frozen or disconnected people become 'black holes' of despair, into which all light and positive energy fall, and fail to return. However, the keys required to allow energy to flow and enlighten the individual again are almost  always present, the universe will answer. It has no choice. Nature abhors a vacuum and it will throw so many opportunities into your path that your head will spin. All you have to do is recognize and acknowledge the proffered doorways, and step through them. Challenge should not be feared; opportunity should be grasped and utilized to its natural limit. 

 Totem for the Week:
from Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson 
Illustrated by Angela C. Werneke

33 Weasel: Look to Weasel to tell you the "hidden reasons" behind anything. Some people are put off by Weasel medicine, talent and abilities, but there are no bad medicines. We all have power, or we would not be here to heal mother earth. Perhaps if you have Weasel power you could use your secret gifts for the good of all. Observe who or what needs attention, or a solution, and offer your assistance in your own quiet or discreet way. 

Sharing Shadows: 
The Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth

48 - A Collective of Pixies: What is needed here is not only an awareness of duty but a merry approach to it. The job has to be done, so one might as well do it willingly. Progress through this dance maze step-by-step - lithely and lightly. Take joy and pride in achievement. Approach work with zeal, zest and zing - and perhaps even a little zaniness as well. Otherwise, you might as well not bother - well almost. There is something about this lighthearted approach to your duty that is important at this time in order to achieve the results you want. 

Going into December I have set myself some daily goals for the month, just to keep myself in line. I am going to be working through the Winter Solstice module of the psycho spiritual wheel of the year, and we are having an ornament decorating party on the 17 at my house. :) 



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